Hypermedia Research Unit Seminar Tues 15 Dec 13.00

Event Date December 15, 2009

Location – J304

A Hypermedia Research Unit Seminar will take place on Tues 15 Dec at 13.00 in J304

Ceri Binding will discuss issues from recent presentations at a workshop on “Interconnected data worlds”, organised by the German Archaeological Institute (funded by the TOPOI Excellence Project) and the International UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) Seminar, “Classification at a Crossroads – multiple directions to usability”. This forms part of the research outcomes from the AHRC funded STAR (Semantic Tools for Archaeological Resources) project.

Renato Souza, University of Glamorgan Visiting Research Fellow, currently visiting the Hypermedia Research Unit from Brazil, will present some of his recent work on applying Natural Language Processing techniques to the STAR project and designing a conceptual framework for different types of knowledge organization system. Renato is an Adjunct Professor at University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

All are welcome

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