Participatory Design

Participatory Design

Funding: ESRC £62,000 (1995-1998)

This line of research interest applies interactionist social science perspectives to HCI and Participatory Design. An ESRC funded project investigated the use of prototyping in commercial information systems development in the UK, 1995-1998. In this project, qualitative semi-structured interviews with commercial practitioners were followed by a series of mini case studies employing an ethnographic approach. In the course of the project, we encountered a variety of practical strategies which attempted to extend the sphere of developers’ influence beyond the technical realm. Various techniques aimed to create a climate of joint ownership and shared approaches to change management. Rather than a cause and effect model from user requirements to specification to implementation, developer strategies can usefully be considered in terms of sociological work on reflexive elaboration of networks. Findings are discussed in the papers below.

Selected Publications:

Tudhope D., Beynon-Davies P., Mackay H., Slack R. 2001. Time and representational devices in Rapid Application Development. Interacting with Computers, 13(4), 447-466. Elsevier Science. [Link Broken]full text without video clip figures (95KB Word) (reprint available on request)

Tudhope D., Beynon-Davies P., Mackay H. 2000. Prototyping praxis: constructing computer systems and building belief. Human-Computer Interaction, 15(4), 353-383. Lawrence Erlbaum. [Link Broken]full text (206KB pdf)

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Tudhope D. 1992. Envisioning user requirements: participatory design and constructivism. ESRC PICT Annual Conference. Newport, April.