JISC Reviews

Tudhope has co-authored two subject reviews, related to Knowledge Organization Systems and Terminology Services, funded as part of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
Information Environment Programme and informing the JISC Capital Funding Programme. Both reports were in collaboration with UKOLN.

State of the Art Review on Terminology Services and Technology

He was first author of a state of the art Review on Terminology Services and Technology pdf commissioned by the JISC (Tudhope D., Koch T., Heery R. 2006). Other formats available here

The report reviews vocabularies of different types, best practice guidelines, research on terminology services and related projects. It discusses possibilities for terminology services within the JISC Information Environment and eFramework.

Terminology Registry Scopying Study

He was also an author of the Terminology Registry Scopying Study (TRSS). The “TRSS Project website is maintained at UKOLN and the final report (Golub K, Tudhope D. 2009) available from the JISC website pdf

The report defines terms and briefly reviews vocabularies of different types.
Terminology Registries (TRs) are distinguished from other types of registry. The
methodology of the study is described.

The main options for TRs are outlined and the functionality of TRs and terminology
services generally is located within an information lifecycle framework for terminology
services. The rationale for a general JISC TR is discussed. The use cases gathered, as
part of the project, are presented.

Existing TRs and related registries are reviewed and categorised according to the main
functionality options. Metadata for existing TRs are reviewed in depth, along with some
suggested new metadata elements, and a core/optional set of TR metadata is

Relevant standards for representation, identifiers and protocols are briefly outlined.
Governance issues and their implications are discussed.

A presentation was made in October 2009 for the 5th Ecoterm Meeting.