Andreas Vlachidis awarded PhD in Computer Science

July 30, 2013

Andreas Vlachidis Andreas Vlachidis, 38, from Greece, has been awarded a PhD in Computer Science from the University of South Wales in July 2013.

His thesis was entitled: Semantic Indexing via Knowledge Organization Systems: Applying the CIDOC-CRM to Archaeological Grey Literature. Professor Doug Tudhope said: This is an excellent PhD Thesis which also contributed to the success of our AHRC-funded STAR project. Here, we speak to him about his work.

Tell us about your research
My work explored the design and development of software applications aimed at processing and extracting document abstractions for the purposes of Information discovery and exchange. The thesis focused on the semantic indexing of archeological excavation reports with standard conceptual and terminological definitions.

Why did you chose this topic?
I was inspired by the speech “The Web Looking Back Looking Forward” delivered by Sir Tim Burners-Lee at BCS 2007 Lovelace Lecture. I was also interested in the work carried out by Prof. Doug Tudhope and his team in the Hypermedia Research Unit (HRU) while I was an undergraduate student at the University.

Who will benefit from this research?
Contributions are made to the broader fields of Digital Humanities and Natural Language Processing. The work benefits archeologists, research scholars, archivists and member of the general public with interest in Archaeology. Other computing scientists could also use and expand upon the computational methods of the thesis

What did you enjoy the most?
Presenting at conferences where you get the chance to meet and discuss topics of interest with members of the broader scientific society. Also, being part of an active research group gives you the chance to participate in an inspiring knowledge exchange dialogue.

What comes next for you?
Research as a member of the HRU (USW) in the area of Digital Humanities and Web Semantics, primarily contributing to the NLP research aims of the EU (FP7) funded project Ariadne .

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