Presentation of WNLT in Data & Knowledge Engineering seminar

April 21, 2016

Dr Andreas Vlachidis has been invited by the Informatics Group of Cardiff University to present the Welsh Natural Language Toolkit in the Data & Knowledge Engineering seminar on 07 March 2016.

The presenation outlined the background and rationale of the work revealing the methods and techniques used for building a range of core NLP modules for Welsh. In particular, the presentation discussed how the project has tacked linguistic behaviours of Welsh relating to use of hyphenation and apostrophe, formation of plural nouns, part of speech tagging and contact mutation. A live demonstration presented a working example of the Toolkit over a human annotated document of 2000 words. The evaluation tool AnnoDif of GATE used for reporting the performance of the tool in standard evaluation metrics of Recall, Precision and F-Measure.

WNTL Presentation

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