STAR applications

The STAR project has produced various application software items described in outline below, together with links to further information.

Research Demonstrator

One of the main outputs of STAR is a web-based Research Demonstrator. This interactive application cross searches excavation datasets from different database schemas together with extracts from grey literature free text reports, via the overarching framework of the core ontology (the CRM-EH extension of the CIDOC CRM). Previously cross search was not possible; each dataset remained in its own ghetto and no link was made to grey literature.

Semantic Terminology Web Services

The project has developed a set of semantic web services and user interface widgets, based upon a standard SKOS representation. These are available for external use on an experimental basis.

Browser Interface widgets have been developed within STAR for using the Terminology Web Services in Web applications. These have been designed to be browser platform agnostic. Contact us for further information.

Time periods and the STAR.Timeline application

In STAR datasets, time spans are expressed in a variety of ways so we need to convert the data to a regular form and align time periods in the data to a controlled set of known periods. A description of our method for extracting and representing time periods is given here, along with a link to a downloadable standalone application, which assigns a known time period identifier to a data record.

Data mapping and extraction tool

In STAR archaeological data is expressed in terms of the core ontology (CRM-EH) via an interactive STAR Data Mapping and Extraction tool. Building on the work for STAR, we have received AHRC funding to generalise and extend the mapping tool for use by non-specialist users in the ongoing STELLAR Project. Please contact us for further information or interest in beta use.