STAR Data Outputs

The STAR project has produced various data output items described in outline below, together with links to more information.

CRM-EH extensions to CIDOC CRM

In collaboration with English Heritage, a set of extensions to the CIDOC CRM core ontology have been produced as RDF files. The CRM-EH models archaeological processes and other extensions model necessary implementation oriented issues for STAR purposes.

CRM-based indexing of ADS OASIS Grey Literature

STAR NLP techniques have automatically annotated OASIS grey literature reports with rich indexing, drawing on the CRM-EH core ontology and EH glossaries and Thesauri.

The Information Extraction phase produces annotations in two formats: as XML files coupled with content and as RDF triples decoupled from content, based on CRM-EH and SKOS based RDF representation of some key grey literature concepts.

A version expressed as RDF triples have been employed in the STAR Demonstrator and a fuller set of annotations is available (as XML documents), with an updated set forthcoming shortly following further development and evaluation. See the Information Extraction section for more information and a link to the Andronikos web-portal that makes available semantic indices of the OASIS (Archaeology Data Service) corpus extract employed by the STAR project.

SKOS versions of EH Thesauri

SKOS (RDF) representations of several EH National Monument Record Thesauri have been developed as part of the project. These have been fed back to EH NMR. Please contact us for further information.