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External Funding

We have received the following funding grants or awards:

AHRC  (via Leadership Fellow led by Historic England), The Matrix project, 2020-2022, £78.5k (to USW)

EU Infrastructures Grant H2020-INFRAIA-2018-1-823914: ARIADNEplus (Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe), 2019 – 2022, eu165k (to USW)

NSF (3 months) The Data-Arc, 2020-2021 £15k (to USW)

Historic England: Heritage Protection Commissions (4 months) , Linked Data for the Historic Environment, 2019-2021, £20k (to USW)

Historic Environment Scotland (4 months) , Period Terminology Research for Scottish Chronology, 2017-2018, £8k (to USW)

EU FP7 Infrastructures Grant: ARIADNE (Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe), 2013 – 2017, eu205k (to USW).

Welsh-language Technology and Digital Media Grant. Welsh Natural Language Toolkit, 9 months, 2015-2016, £37k (to USW). Follow on project, 9 months, 2016-2017, £40k (to USW)

AHRC/NESTA/ACW Digital Research and Development Fund for the Arts in Wales. Research Consortium (with Surrey and Aberystwyth Universities) supporting partnerships in the Welsh creative industry sector funded by an AHRC/NESTA/ACW scheme, 18 months, 2013-2015. £130k (to consortium)

AHRC Grant (Follow on Fund): SENESCHAL (Semantic ENrichment Enabling Sustainability of arCHAeological Links) 2013-2014, £50k (to USW)

IMSL/JISC/AHRC/ESRC Digging into Data Challenge (transatlantic): Digging into Metadata, 2012-2014, £75k (to USW)

AHRC Grant: Semantic Technologies Enhancing Links and Linked data for Archaeological Resources (STELLAR), in collaboration with co-investigators at York University Archaeology Department and English Heritage. 2010-2011, £73k (to USW).

JISC Information Environment, Tag Recommender demonstrators for MIMAS Personalisation Projects (PERTAINS), led by MIMAS, University of Manchester, £49k total (approx £20k USW, 5 months), 2009, Terminology service based tag recommender system for user tagging.

JISC Information Environment, Evaluating Automated Subject Tools for Enhancing Retrieval (EASTER), led by UKOLN, University of Bath; £223k total (approx £34k to USW, 18 months), 2009-2010, Evaluation of automatic indexing/classification tools

JISC Capital Programme (two projects), in collaboration with UKOLN, University of Bath: a Semantic Interoperability Demonstrator enhancing social tagging with KOS (EnTag) and a Scoping Study for a Terminology Registry (TRSS). 2007-2008, £68,000 (to USW).

AHRC Grant (AH/D001528/1): Semantic Tools for Archaeological Resources (STAR Project). 2007-2010, £222k (to USW).

JISC State of the art review: Terminology Services and Technology. 2006. £35k (to USW).

EPSRC Grant (GR/M66233/01): Thesaurus-based access to multimedia collections: faceted retrieval tools (FACET). 2000-2003. £121k (to USW).

DELOS FP6 Network of Excellence JPA (Joint Plan of Activities) Project. Ontology-driven Interoperability. 2005-2007. £10k (to USW).

Localisation Technologies Laboratory and Showcase (15 software licenses). 2006.

DERA research project: XML Enabled Firewall: A Proof of Concept, jointly with Information Systems Research Unit. 2000. £48k.

HEFCW funding: Internet Technologies Research Lab, jointly with Information Systems and Computer-based Teaching and Learning Research Units. 1999. £61k.

HEFCW competitive funding: Spatial Multimedia Infrastructure, jointly between GIS Research Centre and Hypermedia Research Unit. 1996. £58k.

ESRC Grant (R000-23-5505): An ethnographic study of prototyping practice in information systems design. 1995-1996, £62k.

Polytechnic of Wales Research Assistantship (competitive). Intelligent Hypermedia. 1992-1994. £40k.