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Our research outputs have become an integral part of the long-term strategy for major national data centres and archives in the UK and across Europe.

Funded projects include an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Follow on Fund project on semantic web services and stratigraphic data analysis in collaboration with strategic partners:

We are collaborating with Historic England (formerly English Heritage) on Linked Data for the Historic Environment and stratigraphic data analysis.

A transatlantic Digging into Data project with Universities of Manchester and Drexel developed tools for automatic generation of subject metadata. Building on the UK semantic technologies work, an extension to international collaboration has been afforded by two EC archaeological research infrastructure projects. The ARIADNE FP7 project (2013-2017) for archaeology involved 24 partners, including most existing European national services and data centres. It integrated archaeological research data infrastructures so that researchers can use the various distributed datasets. USW’s role as Leader of the Linked Data WP built on the AHRC funded research.

The follow on ARIADNEplus H2020 project (2019-2022) extends the collaboration (over 40 partners) and deepens the data integration. USW work on vocabulary mapping has made a significant impact on the multilingual capability of the European projects.
We have also collaborated with University of Florence (PIN) on a European Open Science Cloud for Research Pilot Project on NLP for Italian language archaeological texts, building on work for ARIADNE.
Other NLP work includes two Welsh Government funded projects (Dr Daniel Cunliffe, Professor Doug Tudhope) developing a Welsh Natural Language Toolkit to underpin NLP Welsh language software development.

Dr Daniel Cunliffe has undertaken interdisciplinary collaborative research with academics from the University of Waikato, the University of Hamburg, the University of Maastricht, the University of Missouri – Kansas City and Yorkville University.
Tudhope has co-organised seven workshops on Networked Knowledge Organization Systems / Services at the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative conferences.


The University of South Wales has held the HR Excellence in Research Award since 2013. The University is ranked number 24th in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index and is certified as a Disability Confident employer. 

The University supports a number of networks and schemes promoting diversity and equality. The Women in Academia Network was established to raise the profile of gender issues for female academics at the University. Spectrum is the University's LGBT+ staff network for staff who identify as LGBT+ or who wish to be supportive. Fair Play 30 is a University-wide network of advocates for promoting equality and dealing with equality issues.

The University also hosts the Wales Women in STEM network which works to support women working in STEM in academia, industry and education. 

Career development

Academic progression is encouraged whether you are engaged in research and development, innovation and engagement or teaching and learning. There is a clear framework for progression from lecturer through to Associate Professor and Professor.

Our Graduate School provides strong support to  staff who are, or want to develop into, research supervisors, examiners and chairs of vivas.

The University-wide Graduate School supports postgraduate research students and their supervisors. The Graduate School offers a programme of events aligned to the domains of Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework and provides a range of Supervisor, Examiner and Viva Chair training. The Graduate School also offers an External Engagement Fund which allows postgraduate research students to attend relevant external training, engage with external collaborators externally or present their research at conferences. The University is a member of Vitae and the UK Council for Graduate Education, both of which provide opportunities for professional development.