The Data-Arc

The Data-ARC project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Awards #1519660 and #1637076) makes interdisciplinary connections between scientific datasets to enable discovery, access, and reuse. Focussed on the North Atlantic area, Data-ARC enables scientific research on the long-term human eco dynamics of the area including Iceland, Greenland, and the Orkney Islands. Project partners include the University of Arkansas, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Glasgow and various other partners.


The data sources used originate from the domains of archaeology, paleoecology, ecological and climate science, history, and literature - including the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR), the North Atlantic Biocultural Organization (NABO), the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database (SEAD), Tephrabase, and the National Snow & Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) at University of Colorado, Boulder. 


The open-access outcomes of Data-ARC are intended to enable a more holistic approach ensuring complex data collected over the past decades are discoverable, accessible, and understandable to other researchers and non-specialists enabling large scale, deep interdisciplinary analysis. The Hypermedia Research Group contributed (2020-2021) an interactive visualisation tool that helps explain the search results forming part of the Data-Arc search and discovery tool based on an underlying concept map.