Integrative Levels Classification

Transforming the ILC into SKOS

This collaboration (2019-2020) with Claudio Gnoli (University of Pavia) transformed the faceted Integrative Levels Classification (ILC) to standard SKOS RDF representation for the semantic web. Like other complex classifications, the ILC has various features that are challenging to represent in SKOS. These include faceted descriptors with coordination of concepts and the need to extend the SKOS standard to model the ILC's facet indicators. The STELETO transformation tool, developed by Ceri Binding, was used for the transformation. 

A paper detailing and reflecting on the work has been published in the Journal of Documentation (“Migrating a complex classification scheme to the Semantic Web: expressing the Integrative Levels Classification using SKOS RDF”). Details including open access versions can be found in USW’s research repository. A presentation on the work is also available.