CAA 2010 Workshop on CRM and CRM-EH extension

At the CAA 2010 Conference in Granada, the STAR Project led a Workshop (Tues April 6) introducing the CIDOC CRM and the CRM-EH extension. The Workshop was originally intended to be presented by Steve Stead (Paveprime Ltd.), on behalf of the CIDOC CRM-Sig. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend this year’s CAA due to illness and asked us to present some of STAR’s experience with the CRM. For a full overview of the CIDOC CRM, see Steve’s extended tutorial (with accompanying video) - see the CRM tutorial page.

The workshop was attended by 27 people. It consisted of three presentations, followed by general discusssion and questions. Doug Tudhope presented an abridged overview of the CIDOC CRM, drawing on extracts from the recent full tutorial by Steve Stead (see link above). 

Then Keith May (English Heritage) gave an overview of the EH archaeological extension – the  CRM-EH, including discussion of methods of requirements analysis, modeling and reflection on the modeling experience.

Ceri Binding concluded by presenting STAR implementation experience with the CRM (with video screen capture of the STAR demonstrator).