DCMI conference in Porto

NKOS workshop in Porto

Douglas Tudhope presented on semantic data integration at the joint TPDL and DCMI conference (Sept 2018, Porto) and also at the 18th European NKOS workshop where he was lead organiser).

The work was in collaboration with co-author Ceri Binding as part of the ARIADNE FP7 Project. A detailed discussion can be found in the recently published journal paper:
Binding C, Tudhope D, Vlachidis A. (2018). “A study of semantic integration across archaeological data and reports in different languages”. Journal of Information Science, Sage. https://doi.org/10.1177/0165551518789874
OA Author Accepted version available via our research Repository

There were 36 participants at the workshop from 16 different countries at the full day NKOS workshop, with presentation and discussions on three main themes
a) Alignment/enrichment of metadata to existing KOS Linked Open Data. 
b) KOS alignment/interoperability
c) Automatic KOS-based subject indexing / classification /entity-extracting

The proceedings are available in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings series (Vol-2200), including Doug and Ceri’s paper, Reflections on KOS Based Data Alignment.