Dr Daniel Cunliffe contributes to award-winning Handbook of Minority Languages and Communities

Dr Daniel Cunliffe

Dr Daniel Cunliffe

The Palgrave Handbook of Minority Languages and CommunitiesDr Daniel Cunliffe has contributed to the Palgrave Handbook of Minority Languages and Communities, which was awarded the 2020 British Association for Applied Linguistics book prize

The book is an in-depth appraisal of the field of minority languages and communities today. It presents a wide-ranging, coherent picture of the main topics, with key contributions from international specialists in sociolinguistics, policy studies, sociology, anthropology and law. Individual chapters are grouped together in themes, covering regional, non-territorial and migratory language settings across the world. It is the essential reference work for specialist researchers, scholars in ancillary disciplines, research and coursework students, public agencies and anyone interested in language diversity, multilingualism and migration.

Of his chapter, which explores Minority Languages and Social Media, Dr Cunliffe said: "Social media are arguably a more effective tool for supporting minority language use than traditional websites as they are more similar to face-to-face communication, more interactive and are likely to be directly embedded in the everyday lives of speakers."

The publication is the latest step in Dr Cunliffe's research interests in minority language communities online, which includes web sites for bilingual users; the language behaviour of bilingual users in online environments; and the use of web2.0 technologies by minority language communities. The extent to which Internet-based technologies pose both a threat and an opportunity for minority languages is of particular interest.