NKOS Consolidated Workshop 2021

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 11.02.33.png

An NKOS Consolidated Workshop 2021 was held on September 22 and 23. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this was a virtual event hosted via Zoom, attracting a wider and more diverse audience than usual. It was a joint European and North American NKOS workshop with Douglas Tudhope a co-organiser along with Joseph Busch and Marcia Zeng from USA. There were 56 participants on day 1 and 47 on day 2. 

The sessions were KOS Collaboration, An Ecosystem of KOS Tools (invited talk), Modelling and Representation of Complex KOS, Towards Structured Description of Geospatial Relationships (panel), Domain Modelling, Mapping Schema Vocabularies. 

Douglas Tudhope co-presented a talk on 'Transforming the Integrative Levels Classification (ILC) to SKOS: representation of numbers, dates and people via parallel facets' with Claudio Gnoli. A paper detailing and reflecting on the work (with Ceri Binding) has been published in the Journal of Documentation (“Migrating a complex classification scheme to the Semantic Web: expressing the Integrative Levels Classification using SKOS RDF”). Details including open access versions can be found in USW’s research repository.

See the NKOS website for details of the presentations and downloadable versions.