USW researchers awarded European Commission grant to improve data access in arts and humanities

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Ceri Binding and Professor Douglas Tudhope have been awarded a £135,000 grant from the European Commission for a research project to improve data access within the Arts and Humanities. The funding will support researchers in conducting and advancing their studies.

The Arts and Humanities field is diverse, with different disciplines facing collaboration challenges due to distinct goals and approaches.

Advancing FronTier Research In the Arts and hUManities (ATRIUM), a four-year HORIZON Europe funded project, aims to overcome these challenges. Focusing on archaeology data services, it will enhance access to diverse research materials.

ATRIUM will exploit and strengthen interconnections between leading European infrastructures: (DARIAH, ARIADNE, CLARIN, OPERAS) to improve access to a portfolio of state-of-the-art services across countries, languages, domains and media.

The project promotes collaboration among researchers, cultural institutions, and citizen science communities, contributing to elevated research quality and impact across Europe.

ATRIUM's outputs, freely available under open licenses, encourage cooperation among research groups and facilitate data utilization for scientific enquiries, promoting a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The Hypermedia Research Group will focus on semantic information extraction from a variety of texts together with enhanced multilingual capability via vocabulary mapping.

This work builds on several previous projects on semantic data interoperability funded by the European Commission and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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